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January 26, 2010

 This online journal has been created as a place where I document my thoughts, my journeys, my dreams and mostly my photography images. It all started with a risk for a dream. Nothing ventured, nothing gained right?  I have taken pictures for a few years now, but I have always loved beautiful artwork. So I entered a scholarship contest with a wonderful photographer named Me Ra Koh. The name of the scholarship is SOAR and the intent was to aid three women in pursuing their dream of developing a successful photography business. I wanted that bad enough, along with 261 other deserving women to create a 2 min video for the entire internet to see showing why I thought I should win. Well although I did not win the scholarship, I still came out a winner! How you might ask, well for starters;

  1.  I decided that my dreams & desires are in my own hands and no on can take them out…I have to drop them or protect them myself.
  2. My photography business WILL come to fruition.
  3. Women in numbers are powerful, and wonderfully supportive of one another given the opportunity.
  4. I have met a great amount of fellow Soar Sisters who I get the pleasure of being inspired by and who I can inspire. Real women like me, with real lives, real challenges, real families who demand their time and real fears. Yet together we can encourage, advise, assist, and be accountable to one another to stay on the path of our dreams.
  5. My destiny is directed “solely” by my Heavenly Father and as long as I continue to seek HIM first, and do ALL THINGS for HIS GLORY, my steps have already been ordered. I simply need to walk!

Now for the why;

 I think memories and moments are so important in our lives and I realize that as life throws its curve balls, often we just readjust and keep moving. I have come to realize that life will aways through things our way and time will not wait for anyone. We come into this word an empty slate and go out having been made up by a series of events called memories. These are the moments that I don’t want to miss and if anyone is reading this blog neither should you. The only thing we really have is the PRESENT MOMENT! That is why it is the “PRESENT”. Every moment in the present will become our yesterday as it passes. It will  then attribute to defining  who we are  and who we will become, should we be given the gift to continue on in this life.

Often, we realize that we are traveling to places we never thought we would go, doing things we never thought we would do, and touch peoples lives in ways greater than we ever imagined. For those reasons, I feel that it is important that we cherish  the journey we are on and the memories they create.  Quickly enough they will be yesterday’s memory. This life is a gift from God, to be treasured and lived to its fullest potential.

Photography embodies the ability to capture the simple beauty, treasures, and pleasures of life. Because of that, I am passionate about it. It is a medium where you can immortalize today, while creatively presenting it the way you see that moment in your mind. That is something that is totally personal. There are no right or wrong ways to do it. Just make sure those treasured moments are documented in a tangible form that can be referred to for years to come. That’s what pictures do for me.  For this reason, photography has become my constant companion. It is in my blood!

This online journal will be a place where I will share a bit of my world, a ton of my images, and possible some other ramblings. We are now in the creative process with the development of this blog so if any of you are reading, hang in there through the changes, feel free to chime in, and lets grow together! I would love to capture your cherished moments for you as well!

And since a post is better with a photo, here is one that exemplifies how I feel these days;

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  1. February 1, 2010 6:21 am

    Hey Charisse! Great first post… it’s wonderful to get a glimpse of you… That first image that you’ve shared is a great visual of soaring! Spread those wings sister! 🙂

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