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Visual Voice

March 9, 2010

Everyone has something to say. I believe even objects speak. They speak to our hearts, our circumstances and our histories. I also believe that there is more than one way to say many things. The primary mode of communication for most people is verbal or auditory processing. I honestly believe that within us lies a great voice. This voice is not often given a chance to speak, because to be heard, one must be listening with their heart and senses, not the ears which by nature is our default form of processing. As I journey more into this world of photography and speaking from the heart creatively, I realize that moving to what draws you will often lead you closer to your personal truth than  anything that is ever spoken audibly. I believe a key reason for this is acceptance and perceptions. Often, people speak more from what they “think” should be, than what is. This happens for many reasons. None of these reasons are right or wrong, they just are a part of natural conditioning. Many of us are directed early on as to what our truths should be. But in reality, only God and the spirit that dwells within you, can ever direct you towards your truth. Sometimes we, or let me say I, just need to be silent so that I may see where I am drawn, and then to where lies my truth.

Tuning into my visual voice is definitely a necessary and ongoing  part of this journey.

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