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Smug Mug and Me…

March 16, 2010

During this time of research, transition, and business building, I am finding that there are so many decisions to make. The fact that there are so many decisions is not a problem in and of itself. The problem comes in when you hit information overload. Unfortunately for me, since I am a researcher by nature, that could become a problem if I am not careful. However, one thing I do know is that a classy way to showcase your work makes a huge difference. It is like the difference between being served steak on a paper plate or  on fine china. Early on, I found out through a friend about SMUG MUG. That is an online sharing site that has an option available for everyone. I did the free trial. The way your images are displayed on this site is beautiful! It comes with a basic service all the way up to the professional level. Being the type of person I am, naturally, I wanted the professional option. However, due to so many expenses that have arisen and continue to unfold as I delve deeper into this passion, I came to a temporary impasse. However, my God is a good God and he will always make a way. Well folks, I believe my way is here. I found out from @jeffjochum on twitter that the great people over at Smug Mug, are giving away a one year free pro subscription everyday this month! A year….phenonomenal! That’s all a hard-working, just starting out, person like me would love to help me continue to pursue this avenue and showcase my images in a stellar way. Why should I win you might ask? Why do I think this could be an answer for me? Well, because it’s my birthday week…that’s why. I think that would be an awesome birthday blessing from the Big Guy above and the great people at Smug Mug.

To show how excited I am, here is a little poem I wrote about it. Hold onto your seats. It might be a little corny, but its original so here goes;

I would love to have a Smug Mug Pro,
With them my work would be easy to show.
Photography is not just a game you see,
Someday a professional is what I’d like to be.
I need a place to let my artwork shine,
Until then, it’s still a secret of mine.

Help me enter the light of day,
By blessing me with a path today!
This journey is an interesting climb,
Can’t wait to grab this dream of mine.

Smug Mug…you are the best I know.
PLEASE pick me for your gift of PRO!


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