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May 13, 2010

My journey into the land of photography was somewhat spur of the moment. Let me explain…I have been taking pictures for years. Like many people, I stalled in the process until my two children came along. Back in 2001 my husband bought me my first SLR it was a Minolta. I actually still  have it today. However, with the cost of film development and a second child on the horizon, photography took a back seat to parenting. This continued until one day about 5 years ago, I realized the many gaps in the pictures and events documenting my little girls life and I became sad. I tried many things to fill the void which I now know was my creativity, but nothing worked. A few Christmas’ ago, my husband surprised me with a dslr and my world opened up. I took so many pictures that my children now hide from them. My computers, cd’s and personal hard drives are full. I had many people ask me to do their events, or why I did not pursue photography seriously over the years and I had many many excuses.

Then it happen, Me Ra Koh’s SOAR scholarship, to which I fought through my fear and applied. Needless to say that I did not win the big package, but I definitely was still a winner. One of the things she has extended to the candidates who did not win, along with other women who want to do more with their photography, is the chance to follow along with the selected winners to do the same assignments and challenges that they are given. I can honestly say, that between trying to blog, figuring out exactly where I want to go with my photography, and homeschooling my 2 children, I have found it a little more challenging than I expected to complete all the assignments to date. But I will! The first assignment that I am ready to take part in is this last exercise number 3 which is Setting with a Purpose. She has taken us on a journey of how to make sure that we are capturing a complete non verbal story in images. I love the detail of it. I can honestly say that I have never thought about my picture-taking to that depth. Up until recently I have been basically shooting from the hip based solely on instinct and the moment unraveling before me. I am totally self-taught in every aspect of my photography and anything else that I attempt to do. I can definitely be described as a perpetual student which can sometimes be my downfall but I thrive on knowledge and learning new and different things.

Enough of that…I am going to be brave and share the images that I hope helps tell the setting of the story effectively through the settings and surroundings. It turns out that this was much more difficult than I imagined! I realized looking through my images and during my photography outings that it required me to me much more intentional, yet not over think so much that I missed key moments. Yipes!! I don’t know if I succeeded in the following images, but feel free to let me know what you think of the following images. Do they speak to you? Do they tell you anything about the moment? Given the chance how would you have changed them, or what would you have done differently? Here are a few images that I hope  were  successful at meeting the challenge so please forgive me it there are too many.



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