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in HIS Goodness…

November 8, 2010

This weekend I had the most splendid time. It was not about “photography”    but about life. Enjoying life with great people, family and the presence of God in my heart and surroundings.  While “photography” is almost always on my mind…I am realizing before I even get really started good, that the technicalities and the “business” of it, can ruin capturing or keeping some really beautiful moments. I noticed this weekend as we visited some good friends at their home, while I had my camera, I was hesitant to take it out. I was truly “overthinking” it, to the point where I almost decided it wasn’t worth it. Sometimes I worry that everyone does not want to see a camera pointed in their direction, or there becomes the expectation that you “will” provide all the pictures so you can no longer relax and just shoot because, if you are providing the documentation (I’m not talking paid) your images must still all be perfect. Right? Well, I will admit those thoughts arise for me….maybe they don’t for you and if not, I am happy for you.

On to the weekend, I don’t want to make this “photo blog” too wordy ‘cause it is a “photo blog” after all, but I have to share. This weekend  we spent in the city with some truly “BEAUTIFUL” friends, who I am so honored to be able to call my friends, for some many reasons it would get mushy if I listed them here. So I’ll defer. But I will tell you, both my husband and I perk up…I  get excited whenever we all can squeeze plans together into our busy lives. Our time together is relaxing, entertaining, intellectually stimulating and just fun. My friend Gina, always brings a smile, hearty laughter, and a soft voice to every meeting. And their girls are just special. Smile

So after much overanalyzing and then unwinding…I took out my camera to capture these…which have quickly become my favorites. Not for technical merit, but for the emotion they invoke in me and I file this weekend in my memory bank and remind myself that often “EMOTIONALLY INFOCUS” (got that word from the great Sandy Puc)  can be as valuable as technique when it comes to preserving memories  of the “in between moments” of life. So while I am striving for perfection, I can enjoy some satisfaction that the moments I capture provide solid joy for myself and those I share them with.

Without further delay, I drove through this;

untitled shoot-004

To wake up to this; (taken from my bed..”emotionally focused” Winking smile)

untitled shoot-017

Hung out with my family and our friends with this as our view;

untitled shoot-021

Which stepping outside looked more like this;

untitled shoot-020

and this;

untitled shoot-010

Which even made a rainy day beautiful! The light flowing through the windows just called my name so I caught my girl trying to avoid my camera, while enjoying a delicious apple. We ate well! Good food always makes things better!

untitled shoot-022

The sun rains parted for a brief period before we needed to get back on the road and allowed us to take a little tour of the area. The views were spectacular and we just had fun.

This one was taken by my son…I had to capture my overwhelming feeling of “bliss” and “blessed” by the awesomeness of my God, who gave me the privilege of such a great time.

untitled shoot-034

untitled shoot-026

untitled shoot-052

untitled shoot-068

untitled shoot-085

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  1. stephanie flores permalink
    November 8, 2010 6:27 pm

    These are beautiful, Charisse! I completely understand the problem of “overthinking” photography to the point where you begin to lose a little of the joy of it =) My favorite? The photo of your daughter eating the apple =)

    • Charisse permalink*
      November 8, 2010 10:17 pm

      Thanks Stephanie. I love that photo too! It is so “her”. I just love the “totally her” pictures, most of them at this stage are her purposely avoiding the camera! For a while I was chasing her to get “eye shots” but those are completely opposite of who she is and doing it was makeing me loose my focus on the candidness (my own word) that I love about photography.

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