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Baby Greyson

December 1, 2010

Recently I had an opportunity to try my hands at a newborn (well pretty close to newborn) session with a friend’s beautiful gift of life. I must say I don’t remember so many feelings going through me during a session as I had that day. Not only was the baby beautiful and snuggly (causing me to contemplate, if just for a second the desire to create another offspring of my own) but he was actually awake, hungry, wiggly and not always in the position that I wanted him to be when I pressed the shutter on my camera! How dare I be challenged! I guess he showed me who was the star of that show and it was not me! I alternated between hot and cold, sentimental, nervous, comfortable, and at times even nostalgic. Greyson’s parents are two wonderful people with whom I thoroughly enjoy every time I get to see them. The love in that family is nothing short of amazing!  Darcy, his mom, is a fellow homeschooler and blogger over at  She is so funny, witty and just a joy to be around. Shawn, his dad is an awesome musician and rocker so the little rock outfit was so fitting. Greyson, could not have been blessed with a better family to grow up in. Here are a few images that I managed to walk away with;

Look at these cheeks!



Chasing angels…


I just LOVE baby feet!


And finally Merry Christmas! What can be better than this?


Darcy and Shawn, thanks for letting your little bundle be the star for me that day! You all are truly blessed and I am glad that we are able to be a part of your lives!

…see more here on my facebook page  Charisse Rhodes Photography

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