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Happy Birthday My Prince

October 10, 2011

My little prince turned 13 yesterday. Officially a teen! I am still about stunned. Where did the time go? My arms long for the day when he filled them and fed off my bosom, yet my heart beams with pride at the wonderful, talented, strong & handsome man he is becoming. I have a ton more great things to say, but at the risk of not sounding humble, I will stop here. Our day was filled with Laser tag fun with family, video games, cake and laughter. It’s a sound that is medicine for the soul. We were too busy to take formal pictures today, but we will get some in this week.

Interesting how quickly they go from depending on you to desperately seeking ways to become independent. So full of ideologies, while still caught between the two worlds of childhood and adulthood. It is true that every stage has a season. I am looking forward to my season with my amazing guy. He teaches us so much every day with the insight of an adult, coming from the mouth of a babe. We have already been through so much. He is facing some big obstacles yet tackling them with fierceness. I am so proud of him, my Nature boy, Manchild, and Wise Owl. I love you K!

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