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Time marches on.

October 19, 2011

This week has been a celebration of my boy. It’s quite interesting to watch someone you love experience life and go through many of the same stages you remember at that age. As parents, we often find ourselves wanting to keep them in our perpetual kangaroo pouch and protect them from the world forever. However, part of our responsibility as parents is to know when to move, shift and flow with our children. The role becomes less about parenting and more about education combine with teaching them the tools they need to move forward into adulthood. Many days this past week I have found my arms aching for the infant child I once had , while my heart is excited to help him through the next steps to become the man that God has intended him to be. With all of our perceptions of what is right and wrong, what we think our children’s future paths should be, and what they themselves think they want, this is no easy task. All in all, I find I try to remind myself that I can’t predict the futures of my children, or mine for that matter. My job is to seek God and his will for their lives. Trust the path he has put us on and ENJOY the ride. When this guy came, I would never have thought that so much love could flow from me for one little person. He has provided me with the biggest gift I have ever known and that is my discovery of my true capacity to love. Yes, we love our parents, spouses and  friends. However, there is no greater love than the one created by the bond of childbirth. Although this guy often gets tired of life in front of my lens, the other day he blessed me with some images. We were being very silly and having a good time. It was great.

Who me?


I love his silliness.

And I love…love… love that smile.

It’s been such an honor loving and mothering this guy for the last decade. I can’t wait to see what God has in store for his life!

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