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Out of the dark…

August 31, 2011

This past summer, I had the opportunity to photography one of the most beautiful little girls I know. This little lady is not only extremely photogenic, but she is just as sweet and smart as she can be. I am blessed to have her in my family. She belongs to one of my favorite cousins in the world and not only did we get some great pictures of her, but also  of her mom and dad. Those are coming soon. We took a chance and did these images at about 8:30-9:00ish on the oceanfront at a very popular beach in New Jersey. It was dark, but the night was beautiful as was my model. It was my first time taking photos for a session outside at night using one flash and the lights around us from the surrounding stores. I had my mom be my flash holder so I guess that qualifies as off camera. These are a few of the images we were able to get before the late hour kicked in. She was such a trooper.


I love her confidence which just emits from her poses. These were not directed at all. This is all her!


and this one I also love.


Thank you my love for being such a great sport and a gorgeous model. It was a highlight of my trip to spend time with you all!


Mining for Diamonds

August 26, 2011

It’s been a while since I have written in this blog here in my corner of the web. I’ve missed it, however, it just seemed to get away from me with all of the things that I have been doing. Truth of the matter is that I have probably made blogging a bigger deal in my mind than it really needs to be. The thought of content, stats, domains, followers, and everything else made it loom bigger in my mind than I ever intended to make it. Really I just wanted to share my life, my view of the world through my images and at times the ins & outs, ups & downs of our families homeschooling journey.

So much has happened in this last year that I need to share or at least get it out of my mind. This past weekend I was blessed to have a 24 hour whirlwind getaway with this handsome man, totally planned in our own city.

It was fabulous. Keith works tons of hours and does not often get time to relax. I am busy doing my thing and working with our kids. This time was just for the two of us. We took a backpack complete with lunch and a blanket, bikes in the back of our truck and set off to our hotel on the river. Once there we biked to a spot where we could find a little slice of Heaven and we stopped for lunch. During this time, we simply laid back, cast our cares away, and dreamt as the boats sailed by.

From there we biked it back to our beautiful hotel  the La Rivage, which is on the river and were greeted with some AH MAZING service and a gorgeous room. I don’t know about you, but I love great service. It just enhances the experience of being pampered and restoring yourself from the perils of everyday chores.

We stood on our balcony and looked at the private marina that was in front of us. It was simply peaceful.

There was actually a wedding taking place that day as well. You could just feel the love in the air. (Cliche but true.)

Waiting for me in this beautiful room was this:

And this;

and this;

I was determined to experience it all!  It is so easy to forget about life around you and pamper yourself. This past weekend, we did just that. We ate, wined, dined and relaxed together. The saying goes that you get out of life, what you put into it. This past weekend,  we were all in and it was great. This hotel was wonderful on all levels. Scott’s Seafood, the resturant that was attached was delicious as well. Everyone was happy. Sometimes the gems are right in your own backyard. A little excavation is all that is necessary.

Wordless Wednesday

February 10, 2011


When life gets you down, fight back! Are you strong enough?

She is…

January 15, 2011

One of the things that make my holidays so special is the my mom comes to visit us. She has been doing it, almost every year since my children were born. It’s funny that I have come to find that even Christmas shopping for me is not quite right until she gets here. It is not in what she buys for my children or my family, but what her presence ignites in my spirit. We have a wonderful relationship this lady & I. It is one that I will treasure for the rest of my life. She has adopted my husband and friends just like they are one of hers. If you love me, then she loves you. It’s just that simple. This trip, I had to get her & I in front of my camera for some quick images. We did it midnight of the day she was leaving. We had a ton of fun and were able to capture some pretty cool images to boot.

She is …the one who has told me all my life that I can do ANYTHING and REALLY mean it.

She is …the one who knows what I need even before I open my mouth.DSC_0168mom

She is…the one who even after I get a little indignant (sometimes I do, unbelievable huh)will call me right back and keep talking about something totally different like nothing ever happened.

She is…the one who can make me smile when no one else can.DSC_0202

She is…truly my best friend.

She is …the wind beneath my wings. I am me…because she loved me.DSC_0195

Stepping out

January 10, 2011

This year in 2011 I have challenged myself to truly step out beyond my comfort zone. To do this I am embarking on 2 separate projects designed to push me beyond the limits of my focus and comfort levels. The first project is a Project 365 which I started last year and did not complete. The pressure of finding a new subject, feeling the need to edit every image and then the daily uploading was more than a notion. I just could not keep up. However, when I look at all of the completed 365 projects out there, I realized that I was sad. Sad that I did not have  a daily review of my life in pictures, nor the accomplishment of sticking to something that became very tedious. So I am trying again. This time however, I  am using my cell phone. There will be very little to no editing, and what I get at the end of the day from the things that caught my eye is it! So far, I have made it 8 days. I am going to stop counting now, however, because the sound of 357 more days is overwhelming to say the least. So a not to overwhelm this blog, I will be keeping up with this project on my other blog (found here) and Facebook if you are interested in taking a look. These images will not be perfect and I am okay with that. What they will be is a representation of my year and that is all that I am looking for at this time.

The second project is a 52 week self portrait project. One image a week for 52 weeks. I am hoping that this project will do several things for me. Those things are, 1) challenging me to become more and more comfortable being in front of the camera 2) Growth and development in portraying the different facets that make me ….me. 3) Sharing those things about myself with those who are interested in getting to know me a little better. I am posting the first image for this here, however again, so as not to overwhelm anyone reading this with too much me…after today they to will be found in a different location. I am still determining where that will be and I will make that information ready within the next week.

So without further ado, here is the first one. This was taken while doing some studio work in my little home setup with studio lighting. Please let me know what you think. More will be available on my Facebook page.

self wk1

Just having fun…Self Portraits

December 14, 2010

So some of you may remember me talking about the awesome experience I had a few weekends ago at the MeRa Koh’s Confidence workshop in San Francisco. I wrote about it here. One of the things I went into that workshop realizing was that life had me so uptight in the last few years that I forgot how to let go of my cool, calm demeanor and just have fun. Like many women, I also had become somewhat self conscious of certain characteristics that were often displayed in my pictures. This is crazy because, believe it or not…in my younger more carefree years…I aspired to me a model. However, God and being a mere  5 feet had other plans for me.  Fast forward to now. Although I will often turn the camera on myself, mainly because I want a record of my existence here for my children, I rarely share those images with others. When I do, I am very critical. The funny thing is that one of my biggest self criticisms is that “my smile” is too big. <insert dramatic pause here> Yes…I complained about my smile for goodness sakes. Since a smile shows joy and pleasure, how in the world can it be too big? Funny enough, most compliments I get are when I smile. Get the trend here…female…hard on myself….perfection seeking…etc. shown here: Although none of these photos are taken by me , it’s just my way to show me having fun, embracing my smile and living out loud on the other side of the camera.


(picture taken by Nicholle Peterson)

While at the Confidence Workshop, one of the things I heard repeatedly and that really sunk in was…MeRa, Nicky, and Genie saying,…I am saying it out loud and posting in here for the world to see…"Never be ashamed or try to hide my smile again!” My smile is …ME!


(photo courtesy of SF Confidence Workshop)

I have a dear friend, more like a sister, who always tells me that once one gets to know me, they then see how funny, friendly, down to earth and silly I can be. She challenged me again recently, post workshop, with the question of “Why do people have to get to know me before I let the “total” me show? I decided she is right. So the following pictures were not taken by me, but by another of my good friends who took my camera out of my hands and challenged me to get on the other side , let my hair down…or out , you might say, and just have some fun.  MeRa also did this at the workshop. So I rocked my husband’s “70’s wig and got in touch with my inner child! They are not technically sound, or perfect…but they are me. The lighting is harsh, but I still really like them. Maybe I like the inner me that they give a visual insight to. Either way, I hope you enjoy getting to see another dimension of me. Because…when I am holding the camera in front of you…I want you to be completely comfortable being YOU! It was so much fun getting in front of the camera for a change! This exercise that I challenged myself to was also timely because there is an awesome contest going on right now on the Going{4}Pro website regarding “About “ pages and the necessity to include a Self Portrait with your face in it on your  page. Check it out here also.

101016_Self Black_6912 101016_Self Black_6914  101016_Self Black_6926

Finally the serious me…

101016_Self Black_6889ed


These photos taken by my friend and poet, James Landrum.

Kelly & James

December 2, 2010

So not too long ago, I had a family session with Kelly and James. They are so much fun and they make such a beautiful couple. We had some extra time so we also did some pictures of the children in place of the traditional school images where everyone looks the same. Here are a few sneak peaks from that day. Their kids are so full of personality. We ventured to several different locations around town and here are some peaks at what we came up with.



Richardson-Langrum-111-2And some really cute kids…


The boys doing their thing…


Look at that face…


The natural…she could do this all day!


and the lil’ man. Love that dimple!


These guys were so much fun and so open to trying different things. Thanks you guys for being such awesome sports! You guys are the greatest!

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